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Golden or silver corrugated cardboard - Large sheets 13"x 9" for crafting

Golden or silver corrugated cardboard - Large sheets 13"x 9" for crafting

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Sheets of corrugated crafting cardboard in silver or golden - Large
33 cm x 23 cm = 13" x 9"

These sheets are made of a special crafting corrugated cardboard, not simple (packaging) cardboard.
And in contrast to corrugated paper (only one layer of paper) it has two layers of paper laminated together: the corrugated paper on the surface and a plain paper at the back. This makes it possible to create exact constant shapes.
The surface is coated on both sides with the silver or golden color.
You can see on the fotos what I am creating out of this paper.

If you need a diffferent size or QUANTITY, please contact me.

Great for many crafting projects like paper jewelry, scrapbooking, making cards...

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