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12 Jaxon Fine Artist Watercolors in metal box

12 Jaxon Fine Artist Watercolors in metal box

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Jaxon Fine Artist Watercolours give vibrant, intense colours.
The best quality gum arabic binder ensures uniform flow.

You will receive 12 colours in half pans (each approx. 20 x 16 x 10 mm), supplied in a sturdy metal box with fold-out mixing palette and thumb ring. The bright and intense colours are made of high-quality artist pigments, which guarantee excellent lightfastness and colour brilliance. High-quality gum arabic is used as a binding agent, so that a uniform colour gradient can be easily influenced by the watercolour painter. The colours can be perfectly mixed with each other. The solid watercolour paint can be easily removed with even the smallest amounts of water.

The set of 12 consists of the colours:
101 titanium opaque white, 204 permanent yellow, 302 orange, 308 permanent red, 402 permanent violet, 410 ultramarin blue, 412 prussian blue, 506 viridian green, 514 yellow green, 602 yellow ochre, 612 light red, 706 ivory black

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