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Paper Beads made of corrugated cardboard - unfinished

Paper Beads made of corrugated cardboard - unfinished

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Make your own paper bead jewelry from corrugated cardboard!
These are the beads I am making the necklace "Fila" with. You need 14-16 beads to make this necklace, depending on the length you want.

Length: 6 cm (about 2 1/2")
Diameter: 2,2 cm. (7/8")

These beads are only rolled, not varnished yet. You can coat them with transparent lacquer, but if you want really deep black, it is better to varnish with black lacquer. It is very important, that you put the lacquer very thick, so that all the holes are closed. Than the beads become very sturdy and nearly waterproof.

These beads are made of a special crafting corrugated cardboard, that is produced in Germany.
And in contrast to corrugated paper (only one layer of paper) it has two layers of paper laminated together: the corrugated paper on the surface and a plain paper at the back. This makes it possible to create exact constant shapes.

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