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Waved corrugated cardboard - Large sheets 13"x 9" for crafting

Waved corrugated cardboard - Large sheets 13"x 9" for crafting

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Waved corrugated crafting cardboard - Large
33 cm x 23 cm = 13" x 9"

These sheets are made of a special crafting corrugated cardboard, not simple (packaging) cardboard.
And in contrast to corrugated paper (only one layer of paper) it has two layers of paper laminated together: the corrugated paper on the surface and a plain paper at the back. This makes it possible to create exact constant shapes.

If you need a diffferent size or quantity, please contact me.

Great for many crafting projects like paper jewelry, scrapbooking, making cards...

I have these types of corrugated papers:

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4*Waved corrugated cardboard: https://dorisse.art/products/waved-corrugated-cardboard-large-sheets-13x-9-for-crafting

5*Corrugated Cardboard in neon colors: https://dorisse.art/products/corrugated-crafting-cardboard-in-neon-green-33cm-x-23cm-13

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